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August 20, 2018

Our View on Bid Caching

Over the last few days there has been a great deal of industry concern about Index Exchange’s decision to deploy a systematic program of non-transparent bid manipulation through bid caching without communicating it to brands, agencies, DSPs or publishers.

For the record, our view on this is straightforward. Bid caching is not acceptable. It hurts brands, agencies and DSPs because it disregards their explicit real-time decisions, increases the prices they pay and creates significant brand safety risks.

We have never even considered, let alone conducted, bid caching. Indeed, we have never been aware of any other legitimate exchange conducting bid caching.  This is not just about transparency, it is about market and company integrity.

At  OpenX we have committed our business, through sustained investments in technical innovation, transparent market rules and anti-fraud systems, to drive transparency and trust for the marketplace. 

We’ve made this sustained investment because we think it is in the best interest of buyers and sellers, the overall programmatic industry and – vitally – because it is reflective of our company’s core values.