June 06, 2016

OpenX, Google Partnership Brings GDN Remarketing Demand to OpenX Publishers

As part of our ongoing quest to supply publishers with access to a diverse set of buyers OpenX has partnered with Google, bringing the unique Google Display Network (GDN) remarketing campaign demand to publishers in the OpenX Ad Exchange.

Through the partnership, Google’s access to the high-quality inventory in the OpenX Ad Exchange provides GDN advertisers with additional opportunities to remarket, increasing ad campaign effectiveness and reach. This new avenue of highly-targeted ad campaigns further contributes to the ongoing mission of OpenX to drive superior monetization for our publisher partners. An additional benefit to OpenX publishers is that no integration is required to access the GDN remarketing demand.

The GDN remarketing relationship provides the premium publishers in the OpenX Ad Exchange additional opportunities to monetize their inventory, contributing to a marketplace where optimal results are consistently recognized by both sides of the exchange.