December 15, 2016

A Look Back at the Digital Advertising Trends of 2016

The rapid speed at which digital advertising evolves means that new solutions and trends are always emerging. Here are a few highlights from the top trends of 2016:


Video overtook mobile as the most promising medium for digital ad growth as eyeballs continue to move from traditional TV to new video sources. Programmatic advertising is poised to benefit from this viewing shift, as new video platforms are more suited to using the latest technology.


Earlier this year, we predicted consolidation in adtech – and 2016 did not disappoint. Major acquisitions included Adobe-TubeMogul ($540M), Salesforce-Krux ($700M) and AT&T-Time Warner ($85B). Companies with the scale and financial resources to initiate M&As will continue to do.


Facebook shifted gears by shutting down both of its acquired ad platforms, LiveRail and Atlas, and transforming into a true Internet portal. Did you also notice all the new business lines they launched this year? Marketplace, Food Delivery, Gameroom, and Workplace are just a handful of the new endeavors the company is pursuing.

To delve deeper into what shaped digital marketing in 2016, check out our full article in The Drum. Also, stay tuned for our next blog post on industry predictions for 2017!