- Insight From the Next Generation: OpenX Is Mine and So Much More

2015 07 21 hero - Insight From the Next Generation: OpenX Is Mine and So Much More


July 21, 2015

Insight From the Next Generation: OpenX Is Mine and So Much More

By: Melissa Cook, Product Operations Intern

As the end of my junior year of college approached, I began the tedious process that every college student dreads – finding an internship. Having learned a lot about the technology and software industries in the classroom and in a prior internship, I was anxious to intern with a company where I could put my knowledge to work. I wanted a company that not only prioritized its customers and employees, but also valued innovation. Enter OpenX.  It might sound corny, but as soon as I read the internship posting for OpenX, which included a list of the company’s core values, I knew that it was somewhere that I wanted to work.  The core values are:

1. We are one
2. Our customers define us
3. OpenX is mine
4. We are an open book
5. We evolve fast

After reading these values, I went down my own mental checklist.  Dedicated to its customers?  Check.  Constantly evolving? Check.  Willing to teach me new skills valuable to the workforce so that I won’t end up still living at home two years after I graduated?  Check (well, hopefully).

Going into the first day of my internship, I wondered if my experience at OpenX would meet my expectations and live up to its core values. So far, it absolutely has. As a Product Operations Intern, I’m focused on creating value for the customer, whether by collecting and analyzing customer feedback to help provide top-notch support, updating customers on the latest OpenX products, or creating training videos to help our employees learn how to access the most current data. The fact that my work and training centers around customer needs truly speaks to the fact that OpenX is a company that is defined by its customers. OpenX takes advantage of every opportunity to make its products better or easier to use for its customers.

At OpenX I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, each of which is constantly evolving. My primary project requires me to generate a report that aggregates customer feedback results weekly and to create performance metrics based on those results.  Even though I started working on this report a few weeks ago, it has already sparked several other projects to better improve the quality of the report. This speaks to OpenX’s fifth core value, which is that it evolves fast. Constant evolution at a company is important to me because it means that the company is working ahead of the curve.

OpenX is truly dedicated to its people. My favorite project so far has been one where I have had the opportunity to really own the project. It is mine. The project, creating a set of training videos to help teach members of our Product Team how to use one of our analytics platforms, is not just my favorite because it’s mine, but because it ultimately promotes unity across the company.  The training videos provide each member of the company with the ability to access information that is integral to what the company does — no matter what project or product they’re working on.  While I’m not exactly making blockbuster films, the training video project was a great experience because I was given the freedom to develop each video from writing the script to executing the screencast and voice overs. Through this experience, I understand first hand that “OpenX is mine” and “We are one.”

Finally, I have experienced OpenX’s fourth core value, “We’re an open book,” during the company’s monthly All Hands meeting. This being my first All Hands, I was unsure of what to expect. Once our CEO, Tim, started speaking, it was clear OpenX values transparency. Tim walked us through the company’s goals, mission and objectives and recognized a number of employees for their recent successes.

Although my future projects have not been mapped out yet, there is no doubt in my mind they will be meaningful and interesting. I have already learned so much in the first half of my internship and am very excited for what the future will bring.  Who knows – maybe you’ll even be seeing one of my films soon!