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August 03, 2016

Insight from the Next Generation: Back for Round 2

It’s that time of the year again. We’ve brought back the intern series!

We believe that an internship program is more than just an opportunity to build your resume. From Pasadena to London to New York to Menlo Park, OpenX interns are fully integrated with their teams, working on fascinating projects and helping shape the future of the company. Our goal is for each OpenX intern to build lasting relationships while doing meaningful work that will lead to full-time employment to those who ‘knock it out of the park’.

This year we’re kicking off the 2016 “Insight from the Next Generation” series with a post from our Corporate Communications Intern, Vasavi Pandey:

A Deep Dive into Corporate Communications 
By: Vasavi Pandey, Corporate Communications Intern

When people ask me what it’s like to work in corporate communications, I often describe the role as the backbone of a company. As a communications professional, it is your responsibility to keep both your internal teams and external contacts informed of relevant industry news, product launches, and your company’s point of view. A communications team has the power to establish recognition for a business, create credibility and educate an audience about its products and perspective.

The countless reruns of Sex and the City don’t help the common perception people have about communications, or public relations, professionals. Working in corporate communications, isn’t the glitz and glam that it’s so often made out to be in the television series. Rather, communications professionals are more akin to “firefighters”. The communications team is responsible for preventing any “crises” and in some cases rescuing a company from a misperception that may exist in the public domain. In the wake of a salmonella crisis, it was Chipotle’s communications team who devised the “free burrito day” campaign to boost sales and restore consumers trust in the Mexican grill chain. It’s a communications specialist who puts on their bunker gear and runs into the fire, it’s a communications specialist who will work with Taylor Swift to recreate her image after a few weeks of Twitter scuffle and negative press.

A corporate communications team is the bridge to the world outside of a business or vertical. A company entrusts its communications team to keep a pulse on industry trends and identify opportunities to join the conversation or highlight a company’s perspective or product. This team of firefighters then must take proactive measures to do so, such as producing content to be disseminated internally and positioned externally.

As an intern with OpenX’s communications team, I have the opportunity to join a team of firefighters and dive into the world of ad tech. Directly experiencing the inner workings of a corporate communications team is a fantastic learning opportunity and because of it, I’ve been able to hone in on a vast range of communications skills.

The communications team at OpenX works endlessly to build relationships and execute messaging that positions the company as the leading programmatic partner for publishers. The team is responsible for securing company bylines and speaking opportunities, pitching stories and news to the media, monitoring press coverage, strengthening social media presence and much more.

Each decision, and resulting action, that is made directly affects the company, its products and its reputation. The fast paced nature of the communications industry balances out perfectly with the collaborative environment at OpenX. At OpenX, each individual contributor has the opportunity to directly impact the company’s growth and success. On the communications team, each contributor has the autonomy to spearhead projects from end-to-end and the opportunity to explore new creative ways of achieving the team’s objectives.

I learned early on in my internship about the importance of versatility. Working at a smaller, more agile company like OpenX, allows employees greater autonomy with projects, but it also requires a certain level of flexibility. I have been writing as much as I am designing graphics for social media or blogs; being able to transition from one medium to the next is incredibly important especially in such a fast paced industry.

From drafting briefing documents for press events to working on bolstering our social media presence to creating infographics for blogs or social media, my internship has helped to refine my communication skills immensely. Everything I’ve learned this summer about ad tech and communications can be attributed to my experience at OpenX.

Interning with OpenX has given me the opportunity to have a hand in projects that shape the future of the company and the collaborative culture has been a perfect place to grow my career from intern to professional.