June 04, 2015

How to Thrive in the Rapidly Changing Programmatic Market?

According to Ian Davidson, Senior Director of Platform Demand at OpenX, advertisers tend to be more nimble and fast-paced than their publisher counterparts. That said, advertisers are often the driving force behind new trends in the fast-changing programmatic industry. Given the pace of change in the industry, success for a publisher can be best achieved by focusing on fast-and-nimble trends while keeping a watchful eye on slow-and-steady trends.

In a recent MediaPost article, Ian examines four key trends in programmatic today – native advertising, private marketplaces, viewability, and brand safety – and makes the case that when publishers keep their clients’ needs front and center, “the algorithms that now buy your inventory will start to pay more for it, obtaining higher CPMs and deriving more value from your content.Read the full piece here.