March 15, 2017

Ad Footprint by OpenX Labs: The Chrome Extension Publishers Have Been Waiting For

User experience is top of mind for publishers today as slow loading web pages push readers to install ad blockers or leave websites altogether. The pressure is on for publishers to create an optimal user experience for their audiences while also balancing revenue opportunities.

Though much of the blame for poor online experiences has been placed on the explosion of ad tech — too many partners weighing down the page, holding up page load, etc. — there are several other factors contributing to page performance that a publisher must consider. For instance, the overall design of a page or heavy creative units can also impact speed.

Clearly, optimizing page performance is complicated. But, it can become easier.

OpenX Labs created a tool that shares detailed insights about the performance of every element of a publisher’s page that is tied to speed, and also provides recommendations on how to make those pages faster. The tool is Ad Footprint.

Here’s a quick overview:

Publishers using Ad Footprint can access detailed information and insights about the performance of their pages, then leverage the actionable advice they receive through the tool to ensure the best user experience possible. To simplify what’s going on, Ad Footprint presents these insights and recommendations through a user-friendly interface that can be utilized by both business and technology/development teams.

We understand that ad tech is complex and dynamic. As part of our focus on helping publishers maximize revenue, our approach to creating technology requires us to build world class software and also to invest deeply in research and development to ensure we’re continuing to solve for the recurring problems publishers face in our industry.

Publishers deserve tools that are self-serve, adaptable, and transparent, and OpenX is building them. Ad Footprint is just the first of many new innovations we’re introducing to our publisher partners this year.

To download Ad Footprint by OpenX Labs, visit the Chrome Web Store, here.