- Account Managers: OpenX’s Indispensable Utility Players

2016 08 11 hero - Account Managers: OpenX’s Indispensable Utility Players


August 11, 2016

Account Managers: OpenX’s Indispensable Utility Players

By: Cameron MacLean, AM Intern

My idea of an Account Manager’s role leading up to my internship with Partner Services at OpenX was simply the management of day-to-day operations with existing clients. I assumed Account Managers made sure every aspect of the partnership ran smoothly. What I quickly learned, however, is that the Account Managers at OpenX don’t just manage day-to-day operations, they do this and more – much more.

From onboarding, testing, launching and implementing new products, to fine tuning the inner workings of the partnership, Account Managers at OpenX are involved in every aspect of a client’s experience. All of these tasks exceeded what I assumed to be an Account Manager’s responsibility. This industry is ever evolving and everyone within it must come to work each and every day and embrace being a “Jack of all Trade.”

As an Account Manager you are the keeper of all information for both OpenX, as well as for the respective partner. Account Managers work diligently to provide the highest quality service to each and every partner. Often they are on the front line serving the client in a plethora of ways. Whether it means presenting quarterly business reports, conducting weekly calls with their partners, finding ways to maximize revenue, decreasing or increasing floor prices, submitting domains to traffic quality for approval or creating ad tags for partners to implement on their sites, everyday is a new journey for account managers.

In ad tech, there are curveballs, there are fastballs, there are changeups and there are wild pitches; that’s a lot to be prepared for and Account Managers must be able to hit, rather, crush every type of pitch. One of the first curveballs I faced was creating video inventory for a partner for the first time. The partner was new to video, so making sure their testing phase was smooth and effective was of the utmost importance. It was here where I learned the importance of leveraging the in-house expertise from the product engineers to solutions architects. I quickly learned the importance of fully understanding a partner’s needs and how OpenX could provide a solution.

My internship has exposed me to various facets of the ad tech industry. I never imagined that I would help create the code for ads that publishers implement on their websites. I work closely with Yield Analysts to develop specific performance reports and alongside Solutions Architects when partners are in need of specific, highly technical support.

The opportunity I’ve most enjoyed thus far is working directly with the Business Development team, which has allowed me to gain invaluable insight about new business opportunities. By working closely with Business Development, Sales Engineers, Solutions Architects, Yield Analysts, among other teams, Account Managers achieve a holistic view of business across the company – ultimately helping OpenX to achieve its goal of creating awesome programmatic marketplaces.

In the weeks I spent at OpenX I learned much more than I expected from a summer internship. Much of what I have learned can be attributed to the culture at OpenX where the opportunity to collaborate is ever-present. My internship presented new challenges and tasks on a daily basis and I can’t imagine a better environment for someone who is just starting out in ad tech to learn and grow. It is challenging, it evolves quickly and it is rewarding.