- 3 Questions for Renaldo Davis

Renaldo hero 410 - 3 Questions for Renaldo Davis


February 5, 2018

3 Questions for Renaldo Davis

1. Who is Renaldo Davis, what do you do at OpenX, and how do you make us great?

I work as a Senior Manager on the Programmatic Direct Team at OpenX. In this role I work with both our supply and demand partners as the product expert for PMP and RTG. I make OpenX great by being the life of the party and I’m usually the first person on the dance floor at our events. Aside from that, I am constantly working to make sure our clients have the best experience when working with OpenX.

2. Can you share your thoughts on Programmatic Direct and how it’s changing the programmatic landscape?

Private Marketplaces saw huge growth in 2017 and it will continue in 2018. Both publishers and advertisers acknowledged that programmatic advertising started to feel like doing business with strangers, which enabled bad players to prosper and fraud to proliferate. With Programmatic Direct solutions, advertisers and publishers have the ability to answer the important questions of who, what, and where for every transaction. OpenX is empowering these connections through our longstanding commitment to transparency. The re-engagement between the buyer and seller, in the programmatic space, will accelerate in 2018, and with it Programmatic Marketplaces will continue to see tremendous growth.

3. What’s next for your team and OpenX?

For my team, and OpenX, I see huge potential with Rich Media and 1st party data from both publishers and advertisers. Rich Media has struggled to be a seamless execution in programmatic, therefore this is a huge area of opportunity. We see more and more requests by buyers looking to utilize a publishers’ 1st party data and their own to drive efficiency and performance. The best way to execute this is through Programmatic Direct solutions (like PMP and RTG), and again, something we will be driving forward in 2018. Lastly, the changes coming in EMEA with GDPR further emphasize the importance of data ownership and how it can or cannot be used.