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Powering People-Based Marketing Across the Open Web

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Programmatic advertising is at a crossroads today. While the digital advertising industry grew 17% in 2018, showing a very healthy ecosystem, 60%+ of all digital advertising dollars flowed into walled gardens. This is happening despite the fact that just 34% of consumers’ time online is spent inside properties like Facebook and Google. That means advertisers investing into the walled gardens are over-indexing their spend nearly two-fold, by as much as $100 billion annually.

This asymmetry is not good for publishers, who are not bringing in their fair share of the digital advertising pie, and it’s not good for marketers, who want to diversify their spend and expand their reach.

What has been missing in programmatic advertising is a true people-based marketing solution that goes beyond the walled gardens to reach every digitally addressable consumer on the open web. This is what OpenAudience was built to deliver.

Marketers want to be able to plan and buy with the ease of the walled gardens, but they want to do this on the open web. They want the scale of programmatic, with the performance of the walled gardens. Publishers have built up huge audiences, and they need to understand and value their audiences in ways never possible before.

OpenAudience was engineered to unlock the power and reach of the open web, enabling marketers to deliver targeted consumer experiences and empowering publishers with the ability to properly monetize their audiences. That’s The Power of OpenTM.

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- Our Vision for OpenAudience

OpenAudience™ for Publishers

OpenAudience allows publishers to gain insights about their audience and rethink how to value consumer attention.

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- Our Vision for OpenAudience

OpenAudience™ for Marketers

OpenAudience allows marketers to plan and buy with ease and performance across the open web, across all screens.

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