Data Scientist

Pasadena, California, United States
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OpenX seeks a Data Scientist to be responsible for executing critical R&D projects on a petabyte-scale dataset. Working in a highly collaborative environment, you will assist with design, prototyping, development, and deployment of data-driven products and features. The ideal candidate will create algorithms and models to optimize a wide variety of metrics to improve OpenX’s functionality and performance within the ad tech market.

Key Responsibilities

  • Pull data from big data framework for analyses and model training
  • Rapidly prototype models, including creation, training, and evaluation
  • Implement production training and real-time model evaluation architectures (in an existing code base)
  • Run experiments to assess model performance

Required Qualifications

  • Data Scientist: Ph.D in Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Operations Research or related field, or MS with 3+ years of experience
  • Ability to develop machine learning algorithms and models offline and deploy them to a real-time production environment
  • Solid background in machine learning/data science, control theory, signal processing, or image processing
  • Experience with machine learning languages and tools such as python/pandas, R, tensorflow/pytorch
  • Familiarity with big data technologies such as SQL, Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Scala, Spark, etc
  • Experience with Java highly preferred

Desired Characteristics

  • Experience with machine learning on GCP, AWS or Azure
  • Ability to collaborate with teams of people across analytics, engineering, business, and product
  • Proven track record of designing, executing, and analyzing complex experiments
  • Ability to accurately summarize and report findings to a broad audience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Company at a Glance

OpenX is focused on unleashing the full economic potential of digital media companies. We do this by making digital advertising markets and technologies that are designed to deliver optimal value to publishers and advertisers on every ad served across all screens.

At OpenX, we have built a team that is uniquely experienced in designing and operating high-scale ad marketplaces, and we are constantly on the lookout for thoughtful, creative executors who are as fascinated as we are about finding new ways to apply a blend of market design, technical innovation, operational excellence, and empathetic partner service to the frontiers of digital advertising.

OpenX Values

Our five company values form a solid bedrock serving to define us as a group and guide the company. Our values remind us that how we do things often matters as much as what we do.

We are one

One team. No exceptions. We are a group of strong and diverse individuals unified by a clear common purpose.

Our customers define us

We know our business flourishes or dies because of our customers.

OpenX is mine

We are all owners of OpenX. We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work.

We are an open book

We are eager to teach and share what we know with others.

We evolve fast

We take risks and confront failure openly. We recognize and repeat success aggressively. We actively seek out and provide constructive criticism. Defensiveness is for weaklings!