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OpenX Ad Server

Making the Best Decisions for your Ad Inventory

Execute direct and programmatic campaigns with finesse

The OpenX Ad Server is a complete digital advertising solution that lets publishers sell, manage and deliver their inventory across all formats and screens.

Maximise Yield

The OpenX Ad Server is integrated into the OpenX Ad Exchange with dedicated Yield Specialists to optimise setup.

Quality Experience

Advanced pacing controls and in-house marketplace quality team ensure safety. Enjoy an intuitive UI, a dedicated 24/7/365 support team, and an OpenX Community of over 1,500+ users.

Personalise Preferences

Customise anything from ad selection logic to reporting variables, and integrate via API with your preferred vendors to build the ecosystem the way you want it.


Complement your direct campaigns with programmatic: the OpenX Ad Server is the first to support a header bidding line item and guaranteed programmatic selling tools built into the UI.

Ad Exchange

OpenX Ad Server

The OpenX Ad Server employs advanced forecasting tools that include multi-variant, ad unit level analysis, real-time inventory data, and incorporation of multiple targeting and seasonality variables. Publishers can look at their advertising model from every possible angle.

Driving Superior Monetisation

Quality. Experience. Scale. Technology.

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