February 13, 2017

Publishers Clearing House Increases Revenue 26% with OpenX

Key elements of partnership include raising ad quality and leading data innovation

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK– OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces that drive superior monetization, and Publishers Clearing House (PCH), a premium digital entertainment and shopping destination, today announced the successful integration of OpenX solutions into PCH’s monetization strategy.

By utilizing OpenX Bidder and private marketplaces (PMPs), PCH saw a 26% lift in revenue across desktop on PCH.com, PCH’s largest digital property, for an average daily increase of nearly $10,000 per day. Inventory performs best in a high-quality marketplace, and as the leader in quality, OpenX provides the best environment for publishers to tap into new revenue streams while achieving instant scale through its PMP and multi-pub deals.

“PCH is a prime example of a premium publisher thinking about their advertising strategy in innovative ways and we’re thrilled to see the results we have achieved together so far,” said Jason Fairchild, CRO and co-founder at OpenX. “PCH is pushing the envelope by applying new tools and methods, like leveraging their own first-party CRM data, to substantially increase the value of their unique inventory to advertisers looking for specific audiences. We look forward to our continued collaboration.”

PCH may be best known for its famous free-to-play, chance-to-win prize promotions, but over the last couple years its digital advertising arm, PCH/Media, has also emerged as a major player in the digital media space. With reach into 73% of US households, PCH/Media harnesses the power of its highly engaged user base and unique data assets to offer media and targeting solutions that deliver superior performance in viewability, video completion rate, and on-target delivery.

As PCH continues to invest heavily in its digital media strategy, including support of their mobile apps, protecting brand integrity and user experience across web and mobile environments is a top business priority and another major factor in its decision to partner with OpenX.

“Ad quality is one of our biggest priorities, and OpenX’s ability to exceed high marketplace standards as the industry leader in quality has allowed us to focus on enhancing our monetization strategy,” said Heather Macaulay, head of revenue at PCH/Media. “OpenX was our first header bidding partner, and the tangible business results we’ve seen since beginning a relationship with them are a testament to their level of dedication to serving our unique brand needs. We truly believe our combined success is due in no small part to the collaborative, consultative partnership we’ve built with the OpenX team.”

About Publishers Clearing House (PCH) and PCH/Media
PCH/Media is the digital advertising arm of Publishers Clearing House, a leading interactive media and entertainment company. We offer creative media and targeting solutions to help marketers identify the right audiences and persuade them to buy, download, or engage. PCH has offices in Portland (ME), New York City, Port Washington, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. Learn more at media.pch.com.