May 11, 2017

Programmatic Direct at OpenX Grows Over 500%

Publishers gain access to new spend with guaranteed revenue

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK – May 11, 2017 – OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces, today announced significant growth in its programmatic direct business. OpenX programmatic direct revenue grew over 500% year-over-year and saw the addition of over 200 new publishers in the same time frame. Over the last year, programmatic direct CPMs increased nearly 20% and daily spend more than quadrupled.

Private marketplaces (PMPs) give buyers access to more exclusive premium inventory and the ability to purchase that inventory at scale, in line with their specific criteria. Specifically, multi-publisher PMP deals enable buyers to access multiple publishers through one deal ID, allowing them to tailor curated packages to the content and criteria they value. Publishers earn the true value of their impressions and have seen significantly higher CPMs through PMP deals.

Highlights of the OpenX programmatic direct business include:

  • 35-50% of PMP filled impressions are incremental to the exchange, providing buyers with access to more premium inventory and publishers with additional revenue.
  • OpenX PMP win rates are two times higher than in the open auction.
  • OpenX has the most multi-publisher PMP demand at its level of scale.

“We value the level of customization that multi-pub deals give us,” said Tim Sims, VP of inventory partnerships at The Trade Desk. “The custom packages we obtain through PMPs are essentially direct deals that we can leverage programmatically at scale. The Trade Desk and OpenX are aligned on our commitment to quality, and we are confident these deals will continue to help advertisers reach their target audience at a larger scale.”

“The fact that we can now access spend programmatically that wasn’t available previously, and will continue to have better forecasting insight as real-time guaranteed advances, is a huge attraction for us,” said Erik Requidan, VP of programmatic strategy at Intermarkets, Inc. “Programmatic direct is where the industry is headed. We’re really pleased with the results we’ve achieved so far with OpenX and look forward to our continued collaboration as the industry continues to move toward guaranteed deals.”

“We foresee demand for guaranteed deals to grow exponentially considering the need for brand-safe, targeted inventory at scale, coupled with programmatic efficiency,” said Paul Sternhell, GM of programmatic direct and ad server at OpenX. “The premium nature of programmatic direct also makes it a perfect fit for rich media deals and we are looking forward to increased multi-format adoption. Over the upcoming months we will be working closely with our partners to continue scaling programmatic direct marketplaces and building more efficient tools to connect publishers and buyers.”

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