December 16, 2020

OpenX Continues Efforts to Create Cookie Alternatives with Support for Unified ID 2.0

New initiative is the latest example of industry-wide collaboration designed to deliver identity solutions for a post-cookie world

Los Angeles — December 16, 2020 — OpenX today announced support for Unified ID 2.0, a new identity initiative being supported by The Trade Desk and other industry leaders. The support for Unified ID 2.0 is the latest in a series of efforts by OpenX to both build and partner with solutions that allow marketers and publishers to execute effective audience targeting on the open web in a cookie-less ecosystem.

Unified ID 2.0 is an open source, transparent and interoperable ID solution that uses encrypted and hashed email addresses as a new form of identity for marketers and publishers. The technology was designed to be publisher friendly with privacy controls for consumers to easily manage how data is collected and used.

“In order for the open web to truly thrive, marketers and publishers need a solution to target and package audiences, whether cookies are here or not,” said Paul Ryan, CTO at OpenX. “It’s exciting to work with The Trade Desk and other industry leaders to build and support a framework that will enable this with Unified 2.0.”

OpenX is building in technical support to pass Unified ID 2.0 in the bidstream when the identifier is active, giving DSPs the ability to include identity information in their bidding decisions. Over the coming months, OpenX will be working with The Trade Desk to identify publishers testing the new solution and ensure Unified ID 2.0 is integrated. OpenX is also joining the Trusted Ad Ecosystem (TAE), which gives consumers even more control within Unified ID 2.0, by providing a centralized place to manage their privacy across all TAE members.

As part of the company’s larger efforts around helping the industry prepare for the eventual deprecation of cookies, OpenX was one of the first supply-side partners to integrate LiveRamp’s people-based identifier, as well as the Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS). Because Unified ID 2.0 is currently integrated into LiveRamp’s Authenticated Identity Infrastructure, all publishers that deploy ATS will also be able to choose to leverage the Unified ID 2.0. Further, OpenX has the ability to work with any publishers that have implemented ATS.

“As the industry continues to galvanize its support for Unified ID 2.0 as one solution for the future of identity, it’s exciting to see industry leaders like OpenX work together to preserve the open internet,” said Michelle Hulst, EVP, Global Data & Strategy, The Trade Desk. “Unified 2.0 represents an open source and interoperable collaboration, rooted in a strong commitment to create a better standard for identity that gives more transparency and controls to publishers and consumers.”

For more information on Unified ID 2.0, visit the Unified ID solution’s site, and to get information on the OpenX integration, email


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