MediaMath + OpenX Header Bidding Case Study


MediaMath and OpenX teamed up to put header bidding to the test for the buy side.

MediaMath selected a “high-value” audience pool that had shown actions favorable to top brands. These users were then mapped across the Matched Users, resulting in a subset of High-Value Users.

Of the Matched Users, OpenX Bidder adds 24% more users on top of what tag- based already provided.

Header bidding gives advertisers the ability to compete for a greater share of a publisher’s inventory often including that which is direct-sold.

Does Header Bidding actually increase reach for buyers?

Header bidding is popularly known as the integration on the publisher’s page that exposes each impression to programmatic demand before the publisher’s ad server is called. It’s often been considered a supply-side tool, helping publishers create more competition and understand the true value of their inventory.

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