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How Liftoff Optimizes Campaign Performance with Opt-in Video


Liftoff is bullish on opt-in video due to its ability to deliver engaged mobile users and help advertisers achieve their campaign goals.

Liftoff was able to increase their win rate by 6x by ingesting OpenX’s bid request signal that denotes opt-in video versus regular video placements.

Not only does Liftoff find opt-in video converts better than other formats, but it also drives post-install activity with engaged users.

How Liftoff Optimizes Post-Install Campaign Performance with Opt-in Video in Mobile App

Liftoff has leveraged the power of programmatic with OpenX in order to engage and attract the right users by utilizing opt-in video. They’ve found that by allowing the consumer to interact with the ad on their terms, the ad provides a more positive user experience which translates to better conversions and performance. Read the case study to learn more!

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