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The Industry’s Highest Quality Ad Exchange

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Quality Matters

A safe, transparent and fair marketplace that maximizes participation across both supply and demand.
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Recognized Leader

Consistently highly ranked by independent organizations as a leader for marketplace quality.

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Experienced Teams

Our in-house marketplace quality team is dedicated to preventing ad and traffic quality issues across all screens and formats.

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Monitoring at Scale

Dependable infrastructure to manage billions of ad requests and millions of creatives, to ensure brand and user safety.

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Proprietary Technology

Tools and processes developed by in-house industry experts to protect partners and their businesses.

OpenX Marketplace Quality

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Traffic Quality

OpenX provides a marketplace where buyers can bid confidently on every impression. Monitoring traffic quality goes beyond protecting buyers from non-human, fraudulent or incentivized traffic. Traffic quality also encompasses brand safety and viewability, taking into consideration the surrounding page content and ad position.

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Ad Quality

OpenX empowers publishers to take control of their ad experience by providing them with industry-leading ad quality tools. We provide powerful creative filters that allow publishers to protect their brand and business. Our proprietary Ad-Quality Scanner captures over 1M creatives a day, detecting malware, re-directs and any other harmful tactics deployed against your users. Our Creative Review feature gives publishers a complete view into the creatives that have run on their site and allows them to take immediate action against unwanted ads.

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OpenX Ad Exchange has topped the Pixalate Seller Trust Index a record 32 Times. Recognition received for our traffic quality across the U.S. and international, and on both web and mobile app.

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Trustworthy Accountability Group Certifications

OpenX has been independently validated by external auditor BPA Worldwide to receive full TAG Certification For Commitment to Quality; Fighting Fraud
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Certified Against

Compliance with strict guidelines to combat the impact of fraudulent traffic.

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Inventory Quality Guideline Compliant

Compliance with strict guidelines to promote transparency and brand safety.

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Certified Against

Compliance with core criteria to protect advertisers from appearing on sites with pirated content.

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Certified Against Malware

Compliance shutting down malware distributors to warn companies of malware attacks in near real time.

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Condé Nast

“We were confident working with a partner like OpenX because quality control is built into the foundation of their Ad Exchange, giving publishers the ability to systematically block individual buyers, creative and content categories.”

– Malcolm Attwells, Digital Commercial Director, Condé Nast UK

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Experience Matters

OpenX was one of the first ad tech providers to have an in-house Marketplace quality team including dedicated engineers. The team keeps a watchful eye over all aspects of the OpenX Ad Exchange.
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Trusted Source

The health and reputation of the OpenX marketplace as a trusted source of quality inventory for premium buyers is our top priority

High-Quality Advertising Ecosystem

Ad fraud cost the advertising industry more than $7 billion in 2016 alone. To eliminate ad fraud, exchanges, demand-side platforms, publishers, brands and agencies need to work together to create a high-quality advertising ecosystem from end to end.

Fraud: View from the Front Lines Video Series

Partnerships In Support of Our Marketplace Quality

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…supplements our internal traffic quality systems with additional fraud, viewability, and brand safety data

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…complements our internal traffic quality systems with advanced client-side fraud detection

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…is our core provider of viewability data for both publishers and demand partners

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…representing the best in the industry with regards to scanning creatives for malware, URL re-directs and malicious domains

OpenX Ad Exchange Policies

OpenX’s policies are aimed at ensuring a high-quality marketplace for all participating buyers and sellers.
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OpenX Ad Exchange Supply Policies

Our aim is to encourage buyer participation through ensuring a safe, transparent and fair marketplace. These guidelines describe the basic standards for publishers wishing to participate in OpenX Ad Exchange.

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OpenX Ad Exchange Demand Policies

Our goal is to attract high-quality publishers and their inventory to which premium advertisers are attracted. These policies apply to our demand partners, meaning anyone who buys inventory on the OpenX Ad Exchange. These policies are in addition to the OpenX Ad Exchange agreement.

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