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OpenX sits at the middle of one of the driving economic forces of the internet, which is an exciting place to be right now.

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Technology at OpenX

“OpenX builds and supports some of the highest volume exchanges out there — where every millisecond of performance counts. We use some of the most advanced tools and languages in general use to meet our stringent performance and availability SLAs. Engineers come to OpenX to learn how to develop for massive scale, with highly complex processing, and quickly evolve these systems as the overall marketplace changes rapidly. We strive to make the OpenX technology experience career-defining,”
Paul Ryan, Chief Technology Officer, OpenX.

What Defines Us

Our industry changes fast. We work each day to discover and explore new ideas to build the products that deliver meaningful results for our clients.
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An Inquisitive Mind

We’re always asking questions, discovering innovative ways to solve the challenges in our industry.

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Technically Excellent

Tech and Data Driven

We share a remarkable aptitude for analyzing, understanding, and improving the technology that drives our business.

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Versatile Skills

Our industry evolves incredibly fast and so do we; working on a variety of products from mobile app SDKs to backend systems.

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How We Work with Code

OpenX Engineering is comprised of three groups — engineering proper, tech ops and data engineering — all of which have their own role in the development and success of OpenX products.

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