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A Blend of Market Design, Technical Innovation, Operational Excellence and Empathetic Partner Service

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Technology Team

OpenX sits at the middle of one of the driving economic forces of the internet and we create the technology powering that economic force.

“Engineers come to OpenX to learn how to develop for massive scale, with highly complex processing, and quickly evolve these systems as the overall marketplace changes rapidly. We strive to make the OpenX technology experience career-defining,” Paul Ryan, Chief Technology Officer, OpenX.

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OpenXCareers ProductTeam - Teams

Product Team

The OpenX product team turns vision into a reality. We develop the strategy, roadmap and feature definition for our products.

“You don’t go to school to be a product person, but you also don’t land a product job by accident. We all tend to be wired in a certain way, sharing an exceptional aptitude for technology, strong people skills and enthusiasm for solving challenges as a team,” Andy Negrin, Vice President of Product, OpenX.

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Corporate Team

As our business continues to grow and scale, we are always in search of the right people to join our team.

“At OpenX, our most invaluable resource is our people. We are constantly striving to create an environment where our employees can do the best work of their careers, and solve challenging problems with a group of smart colleagues,” Laura Revenko, Chief People Officer, OpenX.