November 21, 2016

Featured Thought Leadership

SDX Programmatic Workshop Overview

We were recently part of a panel discussion on programmatic hosted by the San Diego Ad Club (SDX). Programmatic enthusiasts and inquisitors converged at Moniker, a converted warehouse located in the heart of San Diego’s East Village, where more than 60 advertising and agency professionals got to hear from SDX panelists JJ Bannasch, President and co-founder of local agency trading desk Katana, Lorenzo Moreno GM of the Southwest Region of The Trade Desk, and OpenX’s own Nicole Scaglione, Director of Buyer Development at OpenX.[…]


November 21, 2016

Thought Leadership

The private marketplace deal creation process is broken… And here’s how to fix it

Advertising always begins with the media buyer… Who is their audience? What are their campaign KPIs? Yet private marketplaces in programmatic begin with the publisher… Who is their audience? What inventory do they have? This process is fundamentally flawed and is the reason that PMPs have not become the golden child that everyone hoped.