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OpenX Serves 300 Billion Ad Impressions Monthly

OpenX today announced that the company has experienced significant growth across its various product lines and in the size of its publisher community. As of December 2008, more than 300 billion ad impressions now run through OpenX’s market leading, open source software monthly. In addition, the company’s recently launched OpenX Hosted (Hosted) product has already achieved a more than 1 billion monthly ad impression run rate and generated 2,500 new publisher sign-ups, while the newest version of its core OpenX Ad Server has more than 10,000 active downloads and has achieved a 25 billion monthly ad impression run rate.


Press Release

OpenX Launches Hosted Ad Server for Web Publishers

OpenX today announced the official launch of OpenX Hosted, the hosted version of the company’s popular open source ad server. Beginning today, publishers can sign up for OpenX Hosted without an invitation and take full advantage of the benefits OpenX provides without having to download and install software.


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OpenX Launches Professional Services and Support for Web Publishers

OpenX today announced the official launch of its new professional services and support packages for web publishers. The three new premium support packages offer a variety of installation, upgrade and training services and are primarily targeted at large and medium publishers who use the company’s popular ad server. The new professional services will also provide OpenX with a meaningful new revenue stream.


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OpenX Announces Major Ad Server Update

OpenX today announced the launch of version 2.6, a major update to its free, open source software. The release contains dozens of new features, including a new application programming interface (API), a dashboard and a faster ad tag.


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Former Yahoo! Advertising Executive Tim Cadogan Joins OpenX as CEO

OpenX (www.openx.org), the developer of the free, open source ad server used by more than 30,000 publishers in over 100 countries around the world, announced today both the appointment of former Yahoo! SVP Tim Cadogan as CEO and the move of its head office from London, England to Los Angeles, California. The news closely follows the recent appointment of Jon Miller, ex CEO and Chairman of AOL, to the board of OpenX and the completion of its $15.5 million Series B fundraising led by Accel Partners.


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Jonathan Miller & Re-branding

OpenX (www.openx.org), the developer of the free, open source adserver now used by more than 30,000 publishers in over 100 countries around the world, announced today the appointment of former AOL Chairman CEO Jonathan Miller to the position of Chairman of the Board. Miller was primarily responsible for successfully shifting AOL’s internet business from a walled garden to an advertising-supported model with free, open access to great features and content.

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